EZpiecer English "Plastic" Piecing

If you like English paper piecing, you will love our New English "plastic" piecing templates.So what's so great about them?

  • Each template is designed for multiple uses.
  • Each template can be folded to make a secondary shape, ie: the diamond folds in half to make a triangle.
  • The templates allows crisp edges when you baste around them.
  • The templates "forces" you to only take a small "bite" of fabric when sewing two templates together. No more visible big stitches.
  • Mix and match same size templates to create multiple designs, ie: 1" hexagon works with 1" diamond and 1" jewel.
  • Templates are EZ to remove and...
  • Did we mention how reusable they are?

Pinwheels is the official distributor of the EZpiecer templates. Watch Margit (the creative designer) demonstrate how to use the templates.

A Note from Margit:

4 years ago, Foltvilag KFT started making plastic templates aiming at the patchwork lovers who like to work with the English Paper Piecing technique Our goal was to make the process faster, simpler, more accurate and fun.

There are several advantages using Foltvilag KFT’s plastic templates in place of paper templates. The plastic templates are; reusable; transparent (making it easy to “fussy cut” motives or angles on fabric); foldable, one or two ways allowing more design elements; removable; and reusable after the work is completed. Different shapes are compatible with each other, so they can be combined, which makes it possible to create endless variations and designs with high precision and perfect fit.

In 2014 we realized the need to expand our English Piece shapes to include curved pieces such as the clamshell, apple core, roof tiles and Dresden plate. These shapes are a bit more challenging, but, because of our 20 years of quilting experience we were able to design them to make it easier for piecing. The curved templates are also reusable; transparent; and foldable for combining shapes.

All templates are manufactured with precision with computer-controlled machines in our workshop in Hungary, in the European Union

On request we can make custom templates by individual shape and dimension.  More information is on our website www.foltvilag.hu under “templates” category.

Proudly and from my heart I recommend our truly unique product for the joy and fun of all patchwork makers and lovers. Please check out our YouTube Tutorials to learn how to use our EZPiecer templates. https://www.youtube.com/user/Foltvilag/videos

I wish you good work.

Margit Siposné Cseh

Foltvilag KFT