About Us

The name Pinwheels has been synonymous with its owner, Maria Tamaoka since 1991 when Pinwheels was established. We offer cut-fabrics, kits, tools and BOM all surrounding a special Japanese fabric called Taupe.

What is Taupe

Taupe is a unique fabric most popular among Japanese quilters. 

The delicate gradation of colors and muted hues gracefully blend two or more color families to create Taupe Prints. Taupe Yarn Dyes are woven fabrics with subtle color and textures created by Japan’s age-old fabric weaving skills and taste. Following leading Taupe experts such as Yoko Saito, Pinwheels offers traditional quilt patterns and kits by combining Taupe prints and Yarn Dyes to deliver sensible and rich experiences.

Besides being a retail business owner, Maria is an accomplished quilt designer, teacher, wholesale business woman and the owner of an impromptu quilt show called Pinwheels and Friends. Pinwheels also offers one-of-a-kind products as a result of traveling and researching around the world. 


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