Mailbox Birdhouses

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Welcome to MailBox Quits. MailBox Birdhouses is the second of a series of small quilts designed by Glenda Sha and Maria Tamaoka--two designers working together with their own unique style and fabric line.

What is a MailBox Quilt? It's a quilt kit mailed to you for 5 weeks; 4 weeks of blocks and the fifth week the finishing kit. You get something fun in your mailbox every week for 5 weeks! You will be charged $21 ($18 + $3 shipping) for four weeks to complete your Mailbox Basket quilt. The fifth week is on us. All fabric and embellishments are included in the price. You only have to provide batting and backing. 

We are also offering an edge to edge quilting option. Your quilt will be quilted just like ours--same digital quilting pattern. If you choose to have us quilt your quilt - do NOT sew on the buttons. You will sew them on after the quilt is quilted.

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