Keep Calm and Sew a Mask

Calling all quilters and sewers!

From Alison Glass:We're in a critical situation, and our sewing community has the power to save lives. Andover Fabrics has asked for our help in mobilizing our networks to do what we do best: sew. If you are able, please consider sewing as many masks as possible, as soon as possible.

Mask Tutorials: 
Jenny Doan Tutorial 
Kid Giddy Tutorial 
The Turban Project pdf

We will be collecting masks to ship wherever they are needed: Please send to:

PO Box 548 62 June Rd.North Salem, NY 10560

ELASTIC SHORTAGE! We are desperately looking for 1/4" (or smaller) elastic for masks. Look in Grandma's sewing basket.  If you can't find elastic, we can also use shoelaces, twill tape and ribbon. Let us know if you need any supplies and we will try to get it out to you.


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